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American Canyon, CA 94503



Please arrive 15 mins prior to your session so that we can start on time. Upon arriving, you will be greeted with our professional staff and they will lead you to your room where you can disrobe to your preference in privacy. There will be sheets and towels provided for covering. After a few minutes, the massage therapist will enter the room at your consent and introduce themselves to you. They will ask you a few questions to better understand your situation so that they could give you the best treatment possible.

There really is no attire requirements other than comfortable clothing. Depending on the massage treatment, you may or may not have to completely disrobe. However, it is to your discretion how much you want to disrobe.

Body work on normal healthy tissue is meant to feel good and relaxing. If you have painful, tense or injured tissue prior to your session, you may experience some discomfort in those areas. Our therapist can modify the pressure of your massage to your preference. Please tell your massage therapist the comfort level of pressure you most enjoy. Never let your massage therapist put more pressure than you can comfortably handle.

After your massage therapy session, the therapist will leave the room to give you time to get dressed. Upon leaving the room, your therapist will greet you with some water to rehydrate your body. It is very important to drink lots of water as waste products are released during your treatment.

If for whatever reason you do not like the treatment you are getting from your masseuse, you are more than welcome to change masseuse anytime within the first 15 mins of your session.

We accept payment by cash and major credit cards. Payment is made after the service. If you would like to tip your massage therapist, you are welcome to do so at the end of your treatment.