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We offer a variety of wellness services to get you back at your best. Please review all the services we offer to meet your needs down below.


Acupressure massage is an ancient Chinese healing bodywork dating as far back as 3000 BC applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body to release tension and relieve pain. The human body has twelve meridian points that flows vital energy called “chi” throughout the body starting from the fingertips, to the brain and then to the organs associated with the specific meridian. According to ancient Chinese traditional medicine, the cause of ailments is from the blockage of chi anywhere along these meridian points. The application of acupressure therapy relieves the blockage through the use of healing hands by pressing on key points on the surface of the skin to release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

Deep Tissue

Utilizes strong pressure and friction therapy to heal adhesion’s or commonly known as “knots” to break the stress-tension-pain cycle by relaxing muscles. With strong pressure and manipulation of specific muscles and connective tissues, increased circulation brings back the body to a neuromuscular balance. Designed to aid in muscular pain, address soft tissue injuries and increase range of motion.


With the use of long, firm, gliding strokes, kneading of the muscles, and vibrational taps, Swedish Massage is designed to release tension. Tension is released by the systematic process of passive, active, and resistive movements, which is also commonly known as Swedish movements. During the massage, applied movement of this process in the direction of the heart encourages overall blood circulation, disposal of bodily toxins to stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the immune system. Recommended as an overall stress reliever.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is a different form of massage that uses the pressure points on the feet to enervate over 700 nerves that correspond to every muscle system and organ in the body. By pushing on the pressure points on the feet, an autonomic nervous system response or reflex is evoked to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and promotes overall system balance. In addition, Foot Reflexology brings the body and mind to an optimal state of relaxation, which can be highly effective for stress and anxiety.

Oriental Body Work

Oriental Body Work (also known as Tuina) uses smooth gliding and rolling movements of the hands and arms to open stagnant meridian channels.Similar to Acupressure Therapy Massage, working on the pressure points corresponding to specific muscles and organs in the body elicits an overall energy flow throughout the body to stimulate self-healing. This technique specializes in joint injury and nerve pain. Manipulation techniques are used to realign musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships around the body.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is popular among athletes and anyone with chronic pain and injury or range-of-motion issues as this type of specialty treatment pays particular attention to detailed work on specific muscles of the body to help recover from strenuous and intense movements of the body. The massage therapist generally concentrates on a specific problem area by using compression and deep transverse directional touches, which is followed by stretching methods to circulate the blood and lymph fluids to sooth muscle aches, pains and limited range-of-motion issues.

Trigger Point

Trigger Point is a bodywork technique that involves the application of pressure to tenderize the muscle to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body. Trigger points are small and found in tight or contrasted muscle. When pressure is applied to these areas, pain can be felt in other areas of the body, which is commonly known as pain referral. Trigger point therapy seeks to eliminate pain with and to re-educate the muscles into pain-free habits. After several treatments, the swelling and stiffness of neuromuscular pain is reduced, range of motion is increased, tension is relieved, and circulation, flexibility and coordination are improved.


Similar to Acupressure, Shiatsu applies pressure using hands, thumbs, elbows and knees to unblock the meridian points where energy (chi) is blocked. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), unbalanced chi in the body is the root cause of disease. It is also seen as “preventative medicine” since it unblocks the energy channels to promote overall energy balance.